Our Skills

Every day, our People at 4Sight work to make a difference, thriving in an ecosystem of support, recognition, and values, so that everyone can achieve their highest potential. As the digital transformation partner of choice, over the years the 4Sight Group has built senior advisory and specialist certified consulting skills in offerings and products across our various solution areas, including ERP, HR and Payroll, CRM, Fixed Assets, Business Process Management, Data Enablement and management, Digital Transformation, Software Development, Application Modernisation, Cloud computing, Communication and Collaboration, Project Management and Adoption and Change Management. In addition, we are to deliver on asset automation, asset simulation and asset optimisation solutions via Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial and Systems Engineers.

Intellectual Property

By leveraging the vast pool of intellectual property (IP) that resides within our Group, we help our customers create smarter operations, build new products, create new disruptive models and guide them through the digital transformation process.

We have the necessary skills and expertise to support business digitisation at every stage of the transformation process, from sourcing and manufacturing to distribution and consumption.

Our key differentiator in the market is combining our capabilities, deep domain skills and go-to-market channels to offer a full range of digital transformation initiatives that our competition can't deliver to customers.

This covers the full spectrum of Operational Technologies (OT), Information Technologies (IT) and Business Environment (BE) solutions.

In the next two to five years, this competence and expertise will help our partners to realise the benefits of the disruptive industry business models that 4IR, people and data-focused solutions can create as the fourth industrial revolution becomes more pervasive in economies around the world.

Digital Transformation Enablement

We empower our customers by implementing the core foundation that facilitates a sustainable and output-driven digital transformation journey. Core foundation areas of how we go to market include:

Hybrid Cloud: Unlocking benefits that accelerate our customers’ digital transformation journey and migrate their business and technology operations to a hybrid cloud or full cloud environment, thereby offering customers the greater flexibility to move workloads as they need to. This provides unlimited access to the power, scalability, and functionality of cloud computing.

Data Integration: Employing a top-down approach of developing an Enterprise Data model, as well as a bottom-up approach of streaming and structuring source data, making it easily accessible, usable and visible to our customers.

Cyber and Data Security: Applying a focused approach to ensure our customers are utilising industry leading cyber- and data-security methodologies and technologies to protect their data and information assets.

People-Focused Transformation

Empowering employees to increase efficiencies and productivity through people-centric adoption methodologies and technologies. This includes modernising our customers’ workplace environments through improved communication and collaboration as well as automating business processes and workflows, so employees can focus on activities that add value.

Customer-Focused Transformation

The enablement of ‘customer intelligence’ to accelerate our customers’ business growth in the modern digital economy. This includes transforming Customer Relationship Management (CRM), customer data management and finally customer engagement through workflow automation. This ensures all customer data and information is captured, exposed, and utilised for proactive interaction and forecasting customer needs.

Operations-Focused Transformation

We enable our customers to digitally transform their operations using best-in-class technologies. Transformation activities include asset automation, optimisation, and simulation. Our solutions include IoT, automation, systems integration, manufacturing execution systems fully integrated with ERP for real-time insights, advanced process control, prescriptive maintenance, production scheduling, digital-twin simulation solutions. Our deep domain engineering experts implement and support our various operation solutions.

Finance-Focused Transformation

We assist our customers to ‘lift and shift’ their ERP solutions into the cloud. This is coupled with automating all key business processes and integrating them into existing operations systems to maximise business efficiency – for us, this is true IT/OT integration. Our ERP specialists support our customers by optimising their ERP architecture and maximising return on their ERP investments.

Innovation-Focused Transformation

We support our customers by identifying business issues, challenges, and inefficiencies, and then developing data-driven solutions to increase business and technology efficiencies. With ‘customer intelligence’, we open up a new world of business-focused innovation, driving the optimal offerings to take to market, at the correct price to grow market share.

Partner-Focused Software Transformation

Our Cloud Service Provider (CSP), ISV, Alliance and software licensing capabilities allow for the distribution of our solutions, including Microsoft’s range of cloud applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure, to our dedicated partners located in the Middle East, Central Europe and Africa regions.

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