The 4Sight Channel Partner (CP) cluster is 4Sight’s 100% partner-focused ecosystem. The cluster supports and empowers an ever-expanding channel of Value-Added Resellers across Africa, the Middle East and Central Europe to distribute 4Sight’s OT, IT and BE integrated solutions to market across the world.

Contained within the 4Sight Channel Partner (CP) Cluster is 4Sight’s Cloud Distributor through the Microsoft Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, ISV channel and Channel Partners.

This allows for the distribution of 4Sight’s integrated solutions and OEM partner offerings across our footprint. The offerings include Sage and Microsoft’s range of cloud applications to our dedicated partners located in the Middle East, Central Europe and Africa regions. Within our 4Sight Channel Partner (CP) Cluster we have several highly skilled resources that are dedicated to managing and growing our various business partners.

The 4Sight Channel Partner (CP) is supported by sales, administration, marketing, support and technical staff (both directly within the 4Sight Channel Partner Cluster Team and from across the 4Sight Group).

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