13 June 2024 | Blog

4Sight Operational Technologies Triumphs at the IS3 X-Change User Conference

4Sight Operational Technologies achieved significant success at the X-Change User Conference, winning the Planning & Scheduling X-Cellence Award with Vulcan and the...
05 June 2024 | Blog

Unleashing the power of Generative AI in industry

Generative AI is the driving force behind the next industrial revolution, enabling unparalleled efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness.
23 May 2024 | Blog

REVOLUTIONISING THE DIGITAL ERA Industry & Mining Ecosystems Unite for Sustainability and Transparency

By uniting ecosystems, we craft a legacy of innovation and sustainability, ensuring a harmonious future for both business and environment.
29 April 2024 | Blog

MESA Africa Event - The Data-Driven Assembly Line hosted at 4Sight office

MESA Africa is excited to announce a knowledge-sharing event that promises to enhance your understanding of how real-time data can optimize assembly line efficiency,...
10 April 2024 | Blog

Unveiling the power of Process Mining

"Process mining serves as a crucial link, melding the worlds of conventional model-based process analysis with the data-driven realms of machine learning and data mining"...
09 April 2024 | Blog

4Sight at The Electric Mine 2024: Powering the Future

Join us at The Electric Mine 2024 in Perth, Australia, from May 21-23, as we delve into the future of mining electrification. This premier event is crucial for those...

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