Energy Management Systems (EMS)

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Electrical power meters, energy meters and power monitoring software for power monitoring and energy management. AGE makes use of EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert. It's a complete supervisory software package for power management applications. The software collects and organizes data gathered from your facility’s electrical network and presents it as meaningful, actionable information via intuitive web interface. Share information with key stakeholders or across your entire operation to influence behavioural changes that can save you money.


OT Industrial Internet of Things Benefits

Power Monitoring Expert (PME) is purpose-built to help power-critical and energy-intensive facilities maximize uptime and operational efficiency. As a key element of EcoStruxure Power, PME is the window to your digitized power network, taking advantage of IoT connectivity and distributed intelligence.

Instrumentation Specialists

AGE Technologies offers high-tech instrumentation products and solutions for various process measurements in different industries, including Chemical, Oil and Gas, Mining, Food & Beverage, Marine, Power Generation, Water & Wastewater industries, and many others.
Get quality instruments and professional technical support from AGE Technologies - your partner in Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation and Control in South Africa.

Instrumentation Products and Solutions

We supply a wide range of Instrumentation Products and related solutions, which include:

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Partner with AGE Technologies for all your Instrumentation product and solution requirements. Our vast knowledge about the products and applications allows us to provide a beneficial support service for our clients. Our aim is to make your processes, measurements, and data reporting more accurate, reliable, and efficient, helping your company to achieve higher levels of performance.

Industrial Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

ICT - the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing:

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Cyber Security

Nozomi Networks – Your Industrial, OT & IoT cyber security solution. Securing the World’s Largest Organisations. AGE Technologies – proud Partner of Nozomi Networks.
Nozomi Networks have customers in every industry where OT and IoT is essential to the business’ success. Boasting some major customers, Nozomi Networks provide effective cyber security solutions for organizations in the following industries:

Asset Automation Industrial Internet of Things

Get the best cyber security solution from AGE Technologies, by Nozomi Networks. Nozomi Networks is dedicated to reducing cyber risk for the world’s industrial, OT and IoT organisations, offering effective solutions for many industries, offering protection for companies across the globe.

We offer effective solutions for many industries, offering protection for companies across the globe. Contact Us

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