Breakthrough flexibility and ways of use for building, deploying, and managing APC Applications

8. OT Asset Optimisation APC

Bring together the power of data to operate your plant more efficient, with advanced visualisation software that helps production, quality and process engineers remedy and avoid events that limit production profitability. BluESP’s Advanced Process Control has been on the forefront of Multivariable Model Predictive Control (MPC) projects since 2000 and a multitude of benefit-driven projects have been implemented across the world in both the Mining, Metals and Minerals sector as well as the Petrochemical sector.9. OT Asset optimisation APC Features

The petrochemical sector traditionally being the early adopters of Advanced Process Control, BluESP used their knowledge and experience gained there to apply APC in the Mining sector, with great success.

Advanced Process Control (APC)

Providing a full set of integrated features for developing, deploying, and maintaining advanced control applications.

10. OT Asset Optimisation APC Advanced Process Control Applications

  • Adapt and Optimise Simultaneously
    • Improve ROI with rapid controller deployment, continuous model improvement and simplified workflows to enable more engineers.
  • Simplify Tuning & Optimisation
    • Streamline controller tuning with a step-by-step configuration wizard to directly specify objectives.
  • Improve Performance With Robust Control
    • Increase controller up-time by making controllers more resilient to model quality issues and process disturbances.
  • Monitor With Real-Time Diagnostics
    • Visualize, analyse, monitor and access real-time controller KPIs to gain key insights into controller performance.

ApenTech APC Integrated Features

11. OT Asset optimisation Advanced Process Control AspenTech APC Integrated

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