Data Enablement focuses on Enterprise Data Enablement, Data Governance and Security, AI/ML, kicking off with Assessments. We guide our customers through the journey of implementing Data Governance processes. And with our AI solutions, we assist organisations to create ethical, reliable and practical AI models.

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4Sight Data Vault Methodology

We follow the world’s leading data modelling methodology. The solution simplifies the data ingestion process, provides auditability, it easily adds new data sources without structure changes and consolidates disparate data sources into unified business concepts.

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Set your Data in motion

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions focus on assisting organisations to create ethical, reliable, measurable and practical AI models to enable real time and predictive insights into their business operations. By utilising cloud-based computing, these AI models are easily scalable, and the resulting actions, recommendations and data can be exposed to any end user or business application with ease. Learn more...

Enterprise Data Enablement

We assist organisations in building an enterprise data strategy focused around enabling businesses to manage their data needs end to end. We achieve this through scalable, source system independent data models that expose all the business and data management data together, so that businesses have all the information required to manage their enterprise. Learn more...

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