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4Sight Asset Simulation was established in 2004, and its senior staff have been in the simulation industry since 1995.  We have over 50 years of collective experience in conducting simulation studies in mining, logistics, manufacturing and service industries and have offices in Cape Town and Centurion.  We are a global consulting company and a leader specialising in creating accurate, discrete-event computer simulation models.  These models consists of complex systems within mining, rail, logistics, manufacturing and service industries.  Our team consist of several industrial engineers with a unique blend of experience in conducting simulation and business improvement studies to provide maximum value to clients.

Simulation Offer

Our professional services include the application of various industrial engineering techniques and principles, including:

 • Process simulation  • Production scheduling  • Warehouse slotting optimisation  

• Capacity planning   • Theory of constraints   • Lean Six Sigma  • Training

• Operations improvement    • Systems optimisation.  • Work studies

 4Sight Asset Simulation is also a partner and supplier of various simulation, scheduling and optimisation software packages in Africa and the Middle East with strategic partnerships across the globe.

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Industrial Process Simulation for Sustainable Operations

Industrial process simulation plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable development by providing valuable insights and facilitating informed decision-making. Here are some key ways in which industrial process simulation contributes to sustainability:

Sustainability via Simulation



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"We are a consulting company that stands at the forefront of our industry, specialising in crafting precise and groundbreaking discrete-event computer simulation models."


Asset 23x


SimMine is a world-class specialist mining simulation and optimisation software package. SimMine takes a static mine design and makes it intelligent and dynamic. It is not only for mine development – it is designed for complete end-to-end mining operations. Designed for anyone involved in mine design and planning, operations, and management, SimMine is a unique mine simulator that can directly import your mine layout to evaluate development rates and production plans. Learn more...

OptiSlot DC

In an environment where customers demand the right product, in the right place, at the right time, distribution centres must work hard to meet and exceed these expectations. An optimally slotted warehouse supports efficient put away, picking, and pallet building; reduces product damage; and increases customer satisfaction. Learn more...

Simio Simulation Solutions

SET is an authorized representative of the Simio® simulation software. Simio is the next generation in simulation technology. Simio is Simple for Beginners, Powerful for Experts and offers 3-D animation for impact. Simio breaks down the walls of traditional simulation software, giving you the power to rapidly build accurate 3-D animated models and objectively analyse alternatives to make informed decisions faster. Learn more...

Warehouse Solutions

SET provides expert warehouse solutions for optimization with the use of the Optislot software, developed by Optricity. We assist warehouses improve ROI by optimising operations with advanced slotting technologies. Benefits include: increased efficiencies and labour reduction. Overall order quality and customer satisfaction improves and capital expenses can be reduced or delayed. Learn more...

Scheduling Solutions

SET provides advanced scheduling solutions with the use of the Simio Risk-Based Planning and Scheduling (RPS) software. We assist you to predict risk, manage uncertainty and align operations. Unlike other scheduling solutions, Simio allows you to perform Risk Analysis in Real Time! Learn more...

Software Sales and Training

SET is a Premier Representative of the Simio® simulation software. We represent Simio in South Africa by marketing and distributing the software as well as provide sales support and assistance. Simio is a unique multi-paradigm simulation software tool that provides a rapid and flexible modelling capability without requiring programming. Learn more...

Power BI & Simio Training

After years of using both Simio and Power BI, we’ve decided to share our industry knowledge with an international audience. Our experienced staff have already trained over 500 people in Simio and Power BI. The simulation modelling sector is a close community, so we’re proud that we’ve had such an influence over it.

This training is a full, one-day course spread over a few days. We also understand that some will be in different time zones to us (South Africa is located in the GMT +2 time zone). Learn more...

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