Digital Energy empowers users to gain deep insights into their energy infrastructure, make well-informed decisions, and unlock a wide array of benefits. Providing improved safety, availability, and operational efficiency, as well as reduced energy costs. Enhancing equipment reliability and ensuring sustainability.



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By harnessing digital technologies, Digital Energy aims to enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs, improve reliability, and support sustainability goals. It encompasses a wide range of energy types, including electricity, gas, water, air, and steam.

Energy Management

Digital Energy solutions provide tools and platforms to monitor, analyze, and optimize energy usage across different systems and processes. This includes identifying energy-saving opportunities, implementing demand response strategies, and managing energy resources efficiently.

Power Monitoring and Management

Real-time monitoring of power quality, load profiles, and energy consumption enables proactive management of electrical systems. It allows businesses to identify issues, optimize power usage, and improve the overall reliability and performance of their electrical infrastructure.

Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Management:

Digital Energy solutions facilitate the integration and management of decentralized energy resources, such as solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage systems, and microgrids. By actively controlling and optimizing these resources, businesses can maximize renewable energy utilization, reduce grid dependency, and enhance overall energy resilience.

Power Quality Mitigation

After identifying Power Quality concerns, they can be effectively resolved by implementing a range of technologies. These include passive and active power factor correction, active harmonic mitigation, voltage regulation and dip mitigation. By adopting these measures, businesses can proactively address power-related issues and ensure optimal system performance.

To gauge the effectiveness of these interventions, ongoing monitoring is crucial. It allows for the verification of achieved benefits and ensures that the systems are operating at their peak efficiency.

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