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Conduct business across locations in different currencies, managing your finances, operations and inventory.


Sage300cloud offers an effectual ERP solution that is globally well known and tailored for small and mid-market organisations. And with more than 30 year’s in existence and a Partner in 4Sight with as much experience in implementing and supporting the Sage 300cloud solution across Africa, expect a reliable and stable solution to run your business.


Better operations with Sage 300cloud

  • Healthier collaboration due to transparency right across the company
  • Draw on single, accurate real-time details of finance and operations
  • Integrated processes offer improved management
  • Anytime, anywhere access with Cloud and mobility
  • Enhanced performance and productivity due to optimisation

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Managing your Financials


Sage 300cloud is a trusted, all-in-one financial management solution supporting multiple companies, currencies and regions. It is a powerful but uncomplicated solution. Sage 300cloud offers:

  • Visibility                                                        
  • Scale                                      
  • Selection               


What can you expect with Sage 300cloud ERP?
  • Live visibility and a holistic view of your business to ensure agile and effective decision-making and planning
  • Comprehensive financial solution – managing accounting and finances
  • Efficient inventory control, resulting in satisfied Partners and Customers right across the value chain
  • Opportunities for growth with insight provided into customers, sales and marketing activities

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Sage 300c Core Functions


  • Accounting and finance – core financial management, reporting and ensuring compliance

  • Sales and customer management – experience better sales and customer management using integrated processes

  • Purchasing and Supplier management – simplified and efficient order processing through your Suppliers with Sage 300cloud

  • Business Intelligence and reporting – analyse crucial information for insights and actions to make improvements across the business

  • Inventory and Warehousing – monitor and track your stock easily, for absolute control

  • Customer Service – customer service and satisfaction levels optimised with Sage CRM integration

In addition, Sage has an extensive network of independent software vendors who provide add-ons to complement Sage 300cloud solution and assist in meeting your overall business management requirements.


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