Clusters and Focus Areas


SupportingImage OurClusters Operational TechnologiesThe Operational Technologies (OT) Cluster:

The OT Cluster provides key 4IR technologies and services to help industrial customers with their full end-to-end digital transformation journey while following a cost-effective and low-risk self-funding methodology. The approach allows customers to remain competitive in the digital economy while ensuring any digital initiative has a six-month or better return on investment (ROI). Learn more 


SupportingImage OurClusters Information TechnologiesThe Information Technologies (IT) Cluster:

The IT Cluster focuses on enabling the digital transformation of ERP, accounting, human resources, and payroll disciplines. This transformation empowers enterprises to execute with agility to ensure survival in the new digital economy by empowering people, transforming products, and keeping customers close. Learn more


SupportingImage OurClusters Business EnvironmentThe Business Enterprise (BE) Cluster:

The BE Cluster partners with our customers to drive value-creating digital transformation in specific areas of the business. Digital transformation of an entire enterprise requires the convergence of the OT and IT environments. This convergence ensures that business applications are developed using all enterprise data that enables better and more informed decision making. Learn more


SupportingImage OurClusters Channel PartnerThe Channel Partner (CP) Cluster:

The Channel Partner Cluster is 4Sight’s 100% partner-focused ecosystem. The cluster supports and empowers an ever-expanding channel of value-added resellers across Africa, the Middle East, and Central Europe to distribute 4Sight’s BE, IT, and OT integrated solutions to markets across the world. Learn more


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