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4Sight Operational Technology - Leaders in Industrial Process Control will provide you with state-of-the-art solutions for your company's Advanced Process Control needs. 4Sight | BluESP offer innovative industrial process control and automation solution for companies in manufacturing and mining industries. Discover what our range of Advanced Process Control solutions can do for your business.

What is Industrial Process Control and how can our company help you? When talking about Industrial Process Control, it refers to the monitoring and controlling of machinery, systems, and processes across the plant, applied in many industries including manufacturing, mining, food & beverage, automotive, chemicals, power generation and more. Modern industrial processing, monitoring and manufacturing systems are highly automated in order to ensure that raw materials and energy are consumed in an efficient manner, for maximum output, optimal performance and better profit margins. Leader among Industrial process control companies in South Africa, 4Sight | Operational Technology will help you achieve maximum benefit of your control systems.

Advanced or Industrial Process Control solutions from 4Sight Operational Technology will bring together the power of data to achieve higher levels of efficiency in plant operations, offering advanced visualisation software that helps production, quality and process engineers solve problems and avoid events that limit production profitability. Discuss your Advanced Process Control needs with the leading choice of Industrial Process Control companies in South Africa today.

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Benefits of an efficient Industrial Process Control System

There are many ways in which your business will benefit from 4Sight | Operational Technology  Advanced / Industrial Process Control systems and solutions, including:

  • Improved levels of safety - Advanced Process Control Systems are designed to warn you of any irregularities automatically, causing less accidents and improving the overall safety of the process.
  • Energy savings - The plant and machinery will be operated at efficient energy levels, ensuring no wasted energy and cost-saving benefits.
  • Consistent product quality - Ensure consistency in quality across all areas of production with the help of professional Industrial Process Control companies. This results in less product wastage due to inconsistency.
  • Lower manufacturing costs -  Less faults, early detection, and minimised down-time will ensure manufacturing costs are at optimal levels, while maintaining yield and quality.
  • Improved environmental performance - Systems are designed to give warnings of increased emissions, ensuring that your production and manufacturing processes lower your carbon footprint.

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Rely on 4Sight | Operational Technology,  trusted Asset Performance Management to help your company achieve new levels of performance and efficiency, due to modern digital Industrial Process Control solutions.

In our continuous quest to deliver world class technological solutions, 4 Sight | BluESP has joined forces with 4Sight | AGE Technologies and 4Sight | SET under the 4Sight Operational Technologies banner. This partnership creates a new generation of industrial solutions provider, allowing us to bring you the best in Optimisation, Automation and Simulation.

4Sight | Operational Technology and our partners in digital solutions are at the forefront of technology, and will provide a tailored solution that is aimed at assisting your company to improve processes so that you can enjoy the many benefits of modern Industrial Process Control systems and solutions. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in your company in terms of efficiency, performance and cost-saving, and we will go the extra mile to design a digital solution that works for you.


Industry 4.0 is all about the processes, control and structure within an organisation and across all disciplines. Seize the opportunities offered by the 4IR technologies and achieve great results in your company - Take hands with 4Sight | Operational Technology, your digital transformation and Industrial Process Control company in South Africa, for the ultimate digitalisation of your processes, management and control systems.

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