Success Case - Energy Saving CTP Thuthuka Packaging

03 July 2023
Energy monitoring is one of the solutions we provide to our customers to determine their exact energy consumption and allow them to effectively monitor and gauge their energy usage more cost effectively


In the packaging and printing industry, stable and reliable electricity is critical for business, but it should come at the right tariff. We monitored energy consumption of CTP Thuthuka Packaging over a set period, examined their then tariff and compared it with optional tariffs the municipality uses to determine the most appropriate and cost-avoiding tariff for the customer. In doing so, the customer has avoided cost of approximately R300 000 per month.



Our scope was to connect to the incomer of their plant to monitor the energy they used and to determine the peak time usage and total consumption as accurately as possible. To do so we, installed a metering kiosk composed of a Schneider-Electric PM5560 power meter together with a comX510 gateway for publishing the data to the Facility Expert Cloud Platform. Remote monitoring of the facility’s consumption patterns and tariff comparisons, through Facility Expert, enabled us to make decisions on the best times to run specific loads and helped determine the best tariff for that site.

We can accurately monitor power, energy consumption, power factor, total Harmonic Distortion and provide a provisional bill on which can be audited with the one issued by their service provider. Let 4Sight Asset Automation monitor your energy usage to see whether it is possible to save on your facility’s energy costs. You’ll be happy you did.

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