18 May 2022 | Blog

Mining holds the key to Decarbonisation

Most mining companies have already started addressing decarbonisation through the four pillars of: Increased deployment of technology and innovation; Decreased exposure to...
13 April 2022 | Blog

Overcoming the critical parts shortages

All automation products contain semiconductors. That is why the global semi-conductor shortage is affecting the automation industry so intensely. This has resulted in...
11 March 2022 | Blog

ESG, AI and the Metaverse

Environmental, Social and Governance or ESG, is more than a new catchphrase or buzzword in the "ratings industry". ESG is a concept used by investors to measure the...
03 March 2022 | Blog

You can't simply "buy" Asset Performance Management

Many technology vendors are selling APM solutions. They claim that their product or products will fast track your mine's digital transformation journey ...
22 January 2022 | Blog

The Industrial Metaverse is "basically" a Digital Twin

Those who have been following the Metaverse since the phrase was coined by science fiction writer, Neal Stephenson, have realised early on that the Industrial Metaverse...

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