Digital Twin Technology is a key technology used in the digital transformation of a company and its processes. The use of Digital Twin will aim to increase project and operational performance of the plant and processes, across all disciplines.

4Sight | BluESP is a leader in the field of Asset Performance Management, offering modern solutions for the digitalisation of systems in industrial environments. Digital Twin technology has become a core element in modern engineering to drive innovation and improve performance, when looking at the advancements of machine learning today.

Let the leaders in Asset Performance Management assist you with the implementation of Digital Twin Technology to better understand your assets and processes, creating new possibilities and improving overall asset management. Contact 4Sight | BluESP today - experienced Digital Twin technology company in South Africa.

What is a Digital Twin?

Digital Twin software uses real world data in order to create simulations of products and processes to predict performance and outcomes.  Digital Twins imitate processes digitally, in order to collect certain data which will help to predict how the process will perform.

A Digital Twin is thus a digital representation of a physical object or process, in order for management to make better decisions with reliable, available and maintainable analytics.

The 4Sight | BluESP solution

4Sight | BluESP, together with AspenTech software solutions, will help you to obtain the best Digital Twin technology for your specific process needs.

Aspen Fidelis Reliability is a discrete event simulation modelling tool developed by AspenTech. The system utilises Monte Carlo simulation to model all of the probable future performance metrics of complex, large-scale asset systems. What makes Aspen Fidelis Reliability so unique among stochastic or dynamic simulation software tools, is its ability to handle assets of any complexity. This means that uncontrolled assumptions are automatically eliminated, ensuring uncompromised and accurate results. These complications are typically a natural occurrence in systems, but they are easily modelled by Aspen Fidelis Reliability, generating outputs that support more profitable decision making.

The Benefits of Digital Twin technology

Modern digital solutions are designed to make processes and plants more efficient by improving performance. But how exactly will your plant / mine benefit from Digital Twin technology by 4Sight | BluESP? Some of the benefit of Digital Twin Technology include:

  • Increased reliability and availability through effective and digital monitoring and simulation, aimed to improve performance.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents and unplanned downtime caused by failure.
  • The prediction of failures will help prevent unplanned and costly downtime, and lower maintenance cost.
  • Ensure targets are not interrupted by maintenance schedules, repairs or needed parts.
  • Aspen Fidelis Reliability can be used as a design aid to ensure that the right decisions are made during the design phase of any project.

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You can rely on the team from 4Sight | BluESP to usher you into the digital world, through the design and implementation of world-class modern digital solutions aimed to improve process efficiency and overall Asset Performance Management efforts.

Process Engineering and Simulation is made easy with the help of 4Sight | BluESP on your plant. Read more about what Digital Twin Technology can do for you, and get in touch with the leading Digital Twin technology company for assistance today.

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