Frequently Asked Questions about Mining Simulation Software

What is Simulation Technology?

Simulation technology involves the use of modern computer software programmes and hardware systems to analyse and determine the potential outcome of a given process or situation. The technology uses known factors and the introduction of one or more variables that have the ability to influence the outcome of any given situation. Basically, simulation technology models a real phenomenon with a set of mathematical formulas, to determine different outcomes.

What is simulation software used for?

Simulation technology is often used to improve performance in mining, manufacturing, warehouses, to optimise certain processes, improve the safety levels of a process, test different theories and methods, and even for training staff.

What are the advantages of mining simulation software?

Simulation software offers a number of benefits for companies, especially in the mining sector. Simulation allows management to see the impact of certain changes in processes. Advanced simulation software systems can be used to predict and compare various operational scenarios, performance and outcomes, including processes like metallurgical recovery, consumption of water, energy usage, chemical consumption, environmental impact and economic efficiency.

Which simulation software is used for mine planning?

The unique nature of the mining industry means its transformation journey can be complex and due to its unique challenges. Let the team from SET help you to create computer simulation models of complex systems with the use of Simio® and SimMine®, leading mining simulation software. Simio is the next generation in simulation technology, and offers the ability to design accurate 3D animated models for the desired impact. SimMine® is a world-class specialist mining simulation and optimisation software package.

What is digital twin technology?

In essence, a digital twin is a digital representation, model or replica of a physical object, process or service, designed by a computer program that uses real world data.

Why is digital twin technology so important?

Today, it is important to implement digital transformation technology, in order to support the application of Industry 4.0 business models. This offers the means to unlock great new opportunities to generate value and increase revenue growth in the mining sector. Digital twins can notably improve enterprises' decision-making processes, through the use of data-driven outcomes.

What role does Simulation play in Digital Transformation?

The digital transformation of the mining sector will offer great rewards such as improved profitability, revenue growth, planning, and safety to the plant floor. Mining Simulation Software allows you to build a solid foundation for transformation to Industry 4.0, by offering valuable insight into the flow of business processes, determining the causes of process inefficiencies, problems like bottlenecks, weak areas in the process and much more. Outcomes are fact and data driven, allowing you to get a clear picture of your current processes. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Simio®

What is Simio®?

Simio® is a unique multi-faceted modelling tool that brings together the simplicity of objects with the flexibility of processes to provide a rapid modelling capability without requiring programming. Simio® provides the software for simulation, production planning and scheduling innovations that gives you fast risk analysis and cost reduction.

How does Simio® work?

Simio® allows you to bring your ideas and concepts to life, by creating a 3D animated version of the concept. Simio® models and displays a 3D animation of the behaviour of your system over time. You will have the opportunity to build your proposed system in a 3D animated version, before you build and bring changes about in real-life.

What are the key features & benefits of Simio® Simulation Software Technology?

  • Utilises a 3D object-based modelling system – Object-based modelling is achieved quickly and easily with step-by-step graphical implementation.

  • Multiple-modelling potential is provided - Objects are "intelligent" and able to interact with each other, which will represent discrete and continuous systems.

  • Next Generation of simulation software – Simio® models can be used to conduct risk-based optimal scheduling and they also have digital twin capability.

What is The Simio® Advantage?

The Simio® Advantage can be summed up as ensuring a lower total cost of ownership that delivers faster results with lower investment needed in time and money. The benefits of the realisation of new projects will be achieved in shorter timeframes, due to faster modelling abilities and lower costs. The initial cost of the software implementation is lower than similar products, and the Simio® Design Edition offers a full featured version including 3D. 

Does 4Sight | SET provide training for Simio®?

SET offers Simio® training for both beginners and advanced users. We offer a hands-on approach in our training courses, that covers theoretical and introductory principles to simulation as a technology, as well as the software being used. Users will enjoy practical workshops of their specific application area to ensure successful outcomes and the most efficient use of your Simio® software system.

Does 4Sight | SET offer technical support for Simio®?

4Sight | SET is a Premier Representative of the Simio® simulation software. We are the authorised representative of Simio® in South Africa, marketing and distributing the software to customers in the mining industry, as well as provide the necessary sales support and assistance. We assist our clients with software and maintenance support and bring our wealth of technical and real world experience to provide a world-class service. 

Is Simio® hard to learn?

Although this Mining Simulation Software can be daunting at first, the right training and assistance will help users get their head around it, to start enjoying the benefits offered such as saving time, money, effort and improved decision-making.  Get in touch with the team at 4Sight | SET today for the training you require.

What is the difference between digital twin and simulation?

A simulation imitates what could happen to a product or situation, while a digital twin replicates what is happening to an actual specific product or process in the real world. Basically, both systems create a simulated environment to develop real products or processes. Digital twins show how our product / process will behave in the future, by taking real-life conditions and variables into consideration.

What Simulation Software is used for mining?

Simio® is an excellent simulation software solution used in mining companies across the world. Simio® simulation software solutions can be applied both to open pit and underground mines.

SimMine® is another Specialist Mining Simulation and Optimisation Software solution for companies in the mining industry. SimMine® is suitable for mine development as well as for complete end-to-end mining operations.

In which industries are Simio® simulation software used? 

Simio® is able to create a model that represents important aspects of the real world in many different industries, such as: Mining, Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Healthcare, Airport & Airlines, Aerospace & Defence, Business Processes, Supply Chain, Transportation & Logistics and Academic to name a few.

What types of Simulation does Simio® do?

The Simio® framework is focused on object-based modeling, but it also supports a perfect use of multiple modeling concepts such as event, process, object, and agent-based modeling.

Frequently Asked Questions about SimMine®

What is SimMine®?

SimMine® is a world-class specialist mining simulation and optimisation software package offered by 4Sight | OT | Asset Simulation. SimMine® will take your static mine design and makes it intelligent and dynamic, so that you can enjoy many benefits such as improved decision-making, identifying problem areas, reduce costs, minimise risk and improve overall efficiency and performance.

How does SimMine® work?

SimMine® will enable you to create a digital twin  that will allow you to make changes and determine outcomes without affecting your project and resulting in unnecessary costs. Design a visual replica of your mine, with 3D objects that have been pre-coded in the software. You will be able to design all disciplines and dynamics of the mining progress. First you will be required to import your mine design. Then you will need to Setup Equipment & Operating Parameters, by using easy pre-built objects / modules with data and intelligence. You will then be able to run alternative scenarios, with its easy-to-use scenario testing functionality.

What are the Benefits of SimMine® software?

One of the main advantages of SimMine® simulation software is that all procedures, methods, control and policies can be investigated through your model, without affecting the actual system. This means that changes can be introduced and tested in the model, and the outcome happens on the simulated version, instead of in the actual system. This enables management to make more informed decisions, helps to save costs and avoid unwanted costs, the ability to optimise assets, as well as improve efficiency across all disciplines.

What features are included in SimMine®?

SimMine® offers programming of several logical steps, including cycles and equipment movement. The setup of Layout, Nodes / Stations, loading / dumping logic, dispatch logic is simple, and Dynamic Opening of new staging / transfer points / conveyors is quick. These are only a few of the features you can expect from SimMine®. See other SimMine® key features and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Warehouse Optimisation

How do I optimize my warehouse?

Advanced warehouse software (like OptiSlot DC™) will help you to optimise your warehouse to achieve optimal levels of efficiency.

Why is warehouse optimisation important?

Warehouses face many challenges related to mistakes, inefficient processes, and lack of transparency. It is important to optimise your warehouse to achieve optimal performance and efficiency, to improve workflow and ensure more efficient processes.  Warehouse optimisation software will help your warehouse to minimise risk factors, improve performance and ultimately increase ROI.

What are the software systems used in a warehouse?

4Sight | OT | Asset Simulation offer advanced warehouse slotting and optimisation solutions to meet the complex needs of distribution centres. OptiSlot DC™ is a warehouse slotting and optimisation solution by Optricity, supplied by  4Sight | OT | Asset Simulation, that addresses the complexities of slotting through the use of advanced mathematical algorithms.

What is warehouse space optimization?

Warehouse Optimisation improves the use of space and resources in a warehouse, making it more efficient through automation and management software, which will improve customer satisfaction and overall experience.

What does WMS stand for?

WMS stands for Warehouse Management System. A WMS includes software systems and processes that allow warehouse companies and distribution centres to administer and manage all warehouse operations from the time goods or materials arrive, until they move out.

Why do we need a Warehouse Management System?

Warehouse management systems help companies maximize profitability and minimise error. In today's fast-paced competitive environment, warehouse companies need to grab all opportunities for improvement and efficiency, to enjoy the advantages of an optimised warehouse.

What is a warehouse slotting process?

The process of managing and organising the inventory in a warehouse or distribution centre is called Warehouse Slotting. The goal of warehouse slotting is to make both picking and restocking of products faster, easier, and more efficient.

What is pick face in warehouse?

A "Pick face" also known as a forward-picking location, refers to a location in a warehouse that is usually setup for loose pick activities, enabling individual items to be picked from a facility to complete customers' orders.

Frequently Asked Questions about OptiSlot DC™

What is OptiSlot DC™?

OptiSlot DC™ is Warehouse Optimisation Software by Optricity, that has been developed to meet the different challenges faced in complex warehouses and distribution centres. 

What can OptiSlot DC™ do for your warehouse?

OptiSlot DC™ will help you to achieve efficient put-away, picking, and pallet building; reduces product damage; and increases customer satisfaction. Perform and compare multiple slotting scenarios, in order to determine the best option for reaching business goals and financial benefits. Select the slotting channel accordingly!

What are the benefits of OptiSlot DC™?

OptiSlot DC™ implementation in your warehouse, will reduce labour expenses, improve order fulfilment cycle times, reduce in partial order shipments, and improve space utilisation - all of which contributes to the overall performance and profitability of your warehouse.

Where can I get OptiSlot DC™ warehouse optimisation software?

4Sight | OT | Asset Simulation is a leading systems and service provider for your Warehouse Optimisation Software needs, offering complete system integration and support for OptiSlot DC™. Let our team help your warehouse reach new heights in terms of performance and efficiency.

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