4Connect - Building meaningful connections with Microsoft Viva Connections

Jumpstart your Modern Employee Engagement experience with Viva Connections

In today’s hybrid work reality, we can jump start your modern employee engagement experience with Viva Connections, within 3-6 weeks

Microsoft Viva Connections is a company branded employee experience designed to keep your teams informed with personalised themes. It offers a single touch point for Managers, Information and Front line workers that can enable and build meaningful connections. Employees will engage in a tailored experience to access content, news, join communities, receive communication and utilise tools that relate to their respective roles.

Get started with 4Sight today to jumpstart your Microsoft Viva Connections experience:
  • Meaningful connections via accessible communities and empower employees to contribute ideas and feedback
  • Experience the benefit of decreased onboarding time to reach your desired state and results in a quicker fashion, to embrace the new hybrid work reality
  • With Connections dashboards, your employees will have their very own digital set of tools that brings together the need for enabling quick and easy access, whether they are in the field or at the office
  • A unique 4Sight Teams Dashboard solution is easily customisable for your organisational needs and company culture can further be enhanced with your own custom content. This will enable your intranet into a centralised hub, all within your existing Microsoft 365 ecosystem

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