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Conversational AI that is fundamentally different

Where the normal conversational bot will be "response to response" driven, limiting the bot to simple tasks without a deep understanding and less rich data. Sofia is based on a novel way of building
conversational AI, based on a patented approach that we call the "3 Block Concept". This allows Sofia to engage in meaningful conversation with intelligent response, being no longer confined to the
"response to response" approach the data is richer and the possibilities of automation majorly increased. 

Conversational AI that is fundamentally different:

  • Sofia creates affinity for consumer engagement, encourages return and drives advocacy
  • Customers become product evangelists

Challenges Sofia can assist with:

Enterprise Customers wish to achieve digital business process efficiencies while implementing their blueprint for digital transformation. They wish to experience ease of automation, low-code or no-code implementation, cloud-based delivery of service to users, and disproportionate benefits for the investment that they are making - in other words, a level of Return on Investment (ROI) that is unusual in the regular IT projects. Sofia Conversational AI Platform helps them to achieve all of these and more, by virtue of its elegant design and implementation. Instead of waiting for many months, customers can see the results of AI within a few weeks. Customers can integrate Sofia with their workflow systems and further enhance process efficiencies in their business.

Assurances Sofia offers your business:

Could you please explain this question? I would like to explain that Sofia is a key component of the customer's digital transformation initiatives which usually are centred around customer service.
Cognius will deliver on its promise of customizing the use case of a specific client as per his expectations and deliver the proof-of-concept implementation within the planned time duration. Once
satisfied with the solution, the customer can go for full production roll-out.

Business Outcomes:

As mentioned above under #2, Sofia will quickly enhance the business process efficiency of the identified business processes, within the stipulated time schedule and at a reasonable cost. This will
offer the customer with more than the expected ROI benefits. We can assure that the customer will then turn towards his other inefficient business processes which would as well make use of the
capabilities of Sofia Conversational AI Platform. The customer retains the flexibility to use Web Text, Voice, WhatsApp, or other messenger platforms while communicating with his stakeholders - be it
employees, clients or vendors.

Find out more about 4Sofia
Find out more about 4Sofia

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