4talk - Calling using Teams

4talk Calling with Microsoft Teams, allows you to expand your unified communication capabilities outside of your enterprise network.

4talk provides companies with the peace of mind of productivity gains, enriched communication, increased transparency and better focus on work.

4talk Voice uses Direct Routing, which is a combination of our VOIP platform, Microsoft Teams and a Session border controller, which enables you to make landline, mobile, or international calls from your mobile or PC with the best call rates, anywhere in South Africa.

4talk provides users with a dial pad in Teams, which allows them to dial any external numbers and is not limited to only Teams’ members. These calls route directly to the local PSTN (South Africa), which allow you to keep your number and benefit from our best call rates.

The solution is perfect for users working remotely or in the office to receive and make calls, similar to your hosted PBX solutions. With all your telephony in Teams, it is also easy to manage your PBX with 4talk.

4talk enhances communication, improves productivity and provides much more transparency

4talk operates in the Microsoft Teams app that is accessible on any device, which means that you have a centralised interface - you will not have to remember logins or keep track of the channel you talked about before, to save contact details centrally. 4talk provides detailed reporting on staff productivity, giving you transparency of day-to-day activities within the workplace.

Find out more about our 4talk solution
Find out more about our 4talk solution

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