Aspen Connect™ Family - pooling together enterprise and remote data for analysis in the cloud.

Access to your data 24/7 is key to maintaining a competitive edge

Whether your assets are old or new, near or far, Aspen Cloud Connect™ and Aspen Edge Connect™ can effortlessly collect production data from them in real time. Connect to any source of asset, sensor, MES or ERP data that drives your operations with a flexible IIoT infrastructure. Connect, configure and go!

With Aspen Cloud Connect, you can pool together enterprise and remote data for analysis in the cloud. Leverage your plant’s existing MES system and take advantage of historical data to expedite your IIoT initiatives.

Aspen Cloud Connect delivers:

  • Support for legacy industrial protocols and MQTT
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive toolkit

Aspen Edge Connect links assets and sensors (wired or wireless) to existing enterprise systems or the cloud. A drop-in solution with no “rip and replace” required, Aspen Edge Connect uses today’s newest edge technologies to reduce deployment costs by as much as 70 percent. No infrastructure? No problem!

With Aspen Edge Connect, you can:

  • Deliver data from stranded assets to enterprise MES systems or data lakes
  • Eliminate time wrangling data, with all protocols in a single application
  • Leverage the MQTT protocol for small sensors and mobile devices
  • Maximize ROI through smart data handling

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