Industrial Ethernet

A reliable network for your automation application

If you are in need of a reliable network for your automation application, Industrial Ethernet by 4Sight OT Automation is the solution for you. Industrial Ethernet communication solutions are much faster, reliable and more efficient than traditional communication devices. Industrial Ethernet enhances communications between controllers, to increase performance and support industrial processes.

4Sight OT Automation is a leading service provider in the field of automation, control and support systems. We will develop an Industrial Ethernet system to connect your controllers effectively so that you can enjoy the many advantages of upgrading to a modern communication system. Get in touch with the team at 4Sight OT Automation today to discuss your Industrial Ethernet needs.

Advantages of upgrading to Industrial Ethernet

There are a number of benefits and reasons why your company should upgrade to Industrial Ethernet. Here are the main advantages of Industrial Ethernet communication networks by 4Sight OT Automation:

Flexible network
  • Users will be able to integrate different systems and controllers, offering a flexible Industrial Ethernet system design.
Robust and durable design
  • Industrial Ethernet is designed to withstand harsh environments and can handle high temperatures, humidity and vibrations effectively.
Remote network control
  • Data can easily be shared via the remote control of the devices, as it is based on TC/IP protocols.
Increased performance
  • The increased distance and speed offered By Industrial Ethernet improve the overall performance of the communications network, making it faster and more efficient.

The value of Industrial Ethernet for organisations

It is becoming increasingly popular among organisations to implement Industrial Ethernet to connect their industrial automation and control systems. This is done in the effort to make plants and processes more efficient and more flexible. The cost saving benefits, simple integration and reliable communications offered by Industrial Ethernet, will definitely add value to your organisation. Industrial Ethernet delivers the network security, performance and availability needed to support applications that are essential in the manufacturing process.

See our range of Industrial Ethernet products available, or contact us for a customised solution.


Let the team from 4Sight OT Automation design an Industrial Ethernet network that meets your process needs

Enjoy the many benefits of a modern Industrial Ethernet network – Let the team from 4Sight OT Automation provide a suitable solution to upgrade your network to a more modern system, to improve efficiency, reliability and performance of your communications network and processes.

4Sight OT Automation is a leading Electrical Engineering company in South Africa, specialising in automation and control systems for industrial environments. If your systems are outdated and costly, 4Sight OT Automation can help to develop a modern solution that will meet all your requirements. We provide a range of hardware and software systems and supporting solutions to usher your organisation into the new age of Industry 4.0. Get in touch with a team member at 4Sight OT Automation today to get the assistance you need on your plant.

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