Low Voltage Electrical Systems

Direct On Line Solutions

  • Complete range of standard starters.
  • Isolator Stations.
  • Junction Boxes.

Soft Starter Solutions

  • Complete range of standard starters.

Variable Speed Drive Solutions

  • Complete range of standard starters.

Distribution Boards

  • SANS 10142.
  • Main & sub distribution boards.
  • From 380V to 690/1000V.
  • Up to 6200A.

Fixed pattern Motor Control Centre

  • Steelwork & Copperwork.
  • IEC 61439 Compliant.
  • IEC 61641 Compliant.
  • From 380V to 690/1000V.
  • Up to 4000A,65kA/1s, Int.Arc 65kA/300ms.
  • Up to IP54, Form 3b/4a.

Fully withdrawable Motor Control Centre

  • From 380V to 690V.
  • Up to 5000A Main busbar,1090A Vertical busbar.
  • Short time withstand (1s) 50/80kA - 480V.
  • Degree of protection IP42, Form 3b & 4b.

Electrical Reticulation

  • 4Sight OT Automation has been extensively involved in large electrical reticulation projects both urban and rural environments
    (involving both overhead and underground).

Low Voltage Electrical Services

  • Design.
  • Procurement.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Setup and Configuration of Network Architecture.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing.
  • Installation.
  • Handover with Certificate of Compliance


Low Voltage Electrical Components


Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

  • Rated currents from 16 to 1600 A.
  • Short circuit breaking capacity of up to 80 kA (380/415 V).
  • Moulds with fixed and adjustable thermal and magnetic units.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

  • Rated currents from 2 to 125 A tripping characteristic curves B and C.
  • MCB in 1, 2, 3 and 4 poles.
  • Short-circuit breaking capacity: 3/10 kA IEC 60809 (residential).
  • 510 kA IEC 60947-2 (industrial).

Air Circuit Breakers

  • Rated currents up to 6 300A.
  • Short-circuit breaking capacity of up to 120 kA (380/415 V).
  • Standard trigger unit with LSIG protection.
  • Fixed and withdrawable versions.
  • Complete range of accessories.

Age Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

  • Starting and protection for motors up to 18.5 KW / 25 HP at 380/415 V.
  • Adjustable thermal release for overload protection up to 100 A.

Electronic Overload Protection

  • Smart relay.
  • Reliability and precision on monitoring, operation and protection of LV electronic motor.
  • Compact and modular concept.
  • Full motor protection and monitoring through current and voltage measurements.
  • Multiple operating modes including PLC functions.

Age Miniature Circuit Breakers

Ultra Rapid Semi Conductor Fuse Protection

  • Designed and tested according to IEC 60269 for currents from 2 to 1 000 A.
  • AR classes, NH type: protection against short-circuits in semiconductors / electronic equipment up to 690 V ac.

Compact Contactors

  • Contractors and overload relays.
  • Complete line from 9 to 800 A.
  • Direct mounting of contractors to overload relays up to 105 A.
  • Large accessary range.


Soft Starters

  • CE Certified.
  • UL Certified.
  • IEC Compliant.
  • Any motor application from 3 A to 2160 A.

Variable Speed Drives

  • CE Certified.
  • UL Certified.
  • IEC Compliant.
  • 0.55 to 5600 kW.

Age Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

Surge Protection

  • Type 1 to Type 3.
  • IEC Compliant.
  • Devices for installation in residential, and industrial environments.


  • Single Phase Line Chokes.
    • Single phase input reactors, used to reduce harmonics.
  • Three Phase Line Chokes.
    • Three phase input reactors, used to reduce harmonics.
  • Motor Chokes.
  • Three phase output reactors, used with long or multiple motor cables.



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