Scheduling Solutions

SET provides advanced scheduling solutions with the use of the Simio Risk-Based Planning and Scheduling (RPS) software.

We assist you to predict risk, manage uncertainty and align operations. Unlike other scheduling solutions, Simio allows you to perform Risk Analysis in Real Time!

What is Simio Production Scheduling

With Risk-Based Planning and Scheduling (RPS) with Simio simulation software, you generate a schedule by simulating the flow of the planned work through a model of your system.

Traditional scheduling is deterministic and does not account for unplanned events or process variation. Therefore it yields optimistic and unreliable outcomes and your schedule goes from being feasible to unfeasible over time.

The Problem?

There is a vast discrepancy in your planning because your predicted schedule does not represent actual performance and is therefore buffered with inventory, capacity, or time…

The Solution?

Simio Scheduling – It extends the current advanced planning and scheduling practices to fully account for variation and system interdependencies allowing you to mitigate risk and uncertainties!

Real-time Scheduling?

Make real time decisions with Simio Scheduling automates comparing a deterministic MRP schedule with a variation adjusted schedule to let you effectively deal with breakdowns, unplanned events and material shortages. Simio integrates with various MES systems including Wonderware.

Software: Simio

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