Simio is the next generation in simulation technology.

SET is an authorized representative of the Simio® simulation software. Simio is the next generation in simulation technology.

Simio is Simple for Beginners, Powerful for Experts and offers 3-D animation for impact.

Simio breaks down the walls of traditional simulation software, giving you the power to rapidly build accurate 3-D animated models and objectively analyse alternatives to make informed decisions faster.

Simio is a unique multi-paradigm simulation software tool that provides a rapid and flexible modelling capability without requiring programming.

Simio is a family of products that includes the Design, Team, Scheduling, and Enterprise Editions. Models built with all are fully compatible both up and down the product family. Design, Team and Enterprise Editions provide the same powerful 3D object-based modelling environment. Scheduling Edition allows for the schedules built in Enterprise Edition to be ran.

The Simio Advantage

Lower total cost of ownership delivers faster results with less investment in time and money
  • Faster modelling means lower project costs and faster realisation of project benefits.
  • Initial software cost is lower than comparable products. Simio Design Edition is a full featured version including 3D. Simio Team Edition includes everything in Design Edition plus network server and unlimited free runtime distribution.
  • Easier to learn means lower training costs and shorter time to productivity. Simio Basic Training requires only about a day and is often accomplished using free training materials and videos available on the Simio web site ( Simio Basic + Advanced Training (including object development and advanced material handling) requires only three days.

Software: Simio

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