SimMine is a world-class specialist mining simulation and optimisation software package.

What is SimMine?

SimMine takes a static mine design and makes it intelligent and dynamic. It is not only for mine development – it is designed for complete end-to-end mining operations.

Designed for anyone involved in mine design and planning, operations, and management, SimMine is a unique mine simulator that can directly import your mine layout to evaluate development rates and production plans.

This enables you to gain invaluable insights into potential bottlenecks and ensure more accurate and improved decision-making. Reduce costs and uncertainty using SimMine to drive down cost and establish accurate, achievable development rates.

Optimise your production and development fleet requirements and scheduling of underground development, and make sure your development project is completed on time and within budget.

  • Development (Orebody Access)
  • Mine Production (Stopping / Caving Operations)
  • Equipment Optimisation (e.g. LHDs, Trucks, Conveyors, Bins / Silos, Crushers)

Visualise your mine with powerful 3D animations that is already coded in the software, displaying mine development sequences, equipment fleet movement and dynamic mining progress.

Should you require more information on SimMine, Contact Us.
Should you require more information on SimMine, Contact Us.

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