4Sight | SET is a process engineering company that will help your business to maximise on your capital projects, by reducing risk, error and delay by means of modern process simulation solutions. Process Simulation by 4Sight | SET offers a number of benefits, and can be applied in various industries including chemical, manufacturing and other industrial plants. Process Simulation will help to optimise your operational performance and improve uptime, to increase efficiency, safety and overall improved collaboration across disciplines.

Let the process simulation consultants from 4Sight | SET help determine your business needs to provide a comprehensive solution that encompasses result driven process design and simulation services.

Contact 4Sight | SET today for a custom Process Simulation solution that includes Process Engineering and Simulation, Process Optimisation and a Model-backed Operational Support service.

What is Process Simulation, and how will your plant benefit from it?

Process Simulation involves a model-based demonstration of processes, used on chemical, physical, biological, and other technical processes in plants. Process Simulation software solutions by 4Sight | SET allow you to design and optimise all together across all disciplines, covering areas of capital cost, operating cost, energy management and safety in a single, user-friendly environment by means of activated workflows.

The 4Sight | SET solution offers state-of-the-art simulation software for chemicals, polymers and life sciences by AspenTech, world-leader in industrial software solutions. Here are a few reasons and benefits of trusting the team from 4Sight | SET as your process simulation consultants in South Africa, with our modern industrial software solutions by AspenTech:

  • Leader in technology: 4Sight | SET offer simulation solutions by AspenTech that is built on nearly 40 years of experience, with feedback from feedback from top chemical companies and award-winning physical properties database.
  • Flexible software design: Process simulation software by AspenTech aim to improve time-to-market, process efficiency and sustainability performance. This is achieved by managing integrated process modelling, cost-estimation, equipment design, energy management and safety analysis.
  • Simulation capabilities: Simulation technology by AspenTech offers built-in capabilities for accurate modelling of a wide range of chemical processes including polymers, electrolytes and solids. This is done for both batch and continuous operations.
  • Performance-driven: Simulation software by AspenTech offers Lifecycle modelling from design through operations, a key concept of system design and engineering. Improved process development, accurate troubleshooting and online digital twins is achieved by the AI modelling capabilities, for performance driven solutions.

Trust the leading process simulation consultants in South Africa

Let the team from 4Sight | SET assess your business process needs, in order to design, simulate and engineer your processes and solution for optimal performance on your plant. If your company is going through a digital transformation, there is no better company to usher you on this journey, than 4Sight | SET.

4Sight | SET is a leading process simulation company in South Africa, that is at the forefront of process engineering and software solutions. We help companies in the manufacturing, mining and other industries to achieve improved engineering performance across the entire asset. Get in touch with us today to discuss your process simulation needs.

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