23 July 2021 | Blog

Minopex, 4Sight Join Forces To Create Unique Value Proposition For Minerals Industry

4Sight Holdings and Minopex, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DRA Global, announce the signing of a joint Memorandum of Understanding, to develop a distinctive service and...
14 June 2021 | Blog

Two Ways to Reduce CAPEX and Support Safety and Sustainability Imperatives

Welcome OptiPlant to the AspenTech family! In December 2020, we delivered an exciting announcement about our acquiring OptiPlant to further strengthen our solutions for...
28 May 2021 | Blog

Great Technological Solutions Require Good Old Fashioned People for Success

Technology companies love solving problems. And the better we get at addressing our customers’ challenges, the more we see their companies thrive. The current business...
15 April 2021 | Blog

The Importance of Support Contracts and Software Renewals on your Plant

The performance and functionality of any plant relies on mission-critical software that is tailored to meet the specific demands of the plant and processes. For this...
15 April 2021 | Blog

The Dangers of not renewing your software licenses

When you rely on mission-critical software that sits at the heart of your business, you demand the reassurance and peace of mind that comes from a support program...
15 March 2021 | Blog

Beyond predictive maintenance in mining

Asset failures are costly and stressful. This is particularly true for mining operations, where a single hour of downtime can result in millions of dollars of lost revenue.

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