15 April 2021 | Blog

The Importance of Support Contracts and Software Renewals on your Plant

The performance and functionality of any plant relies on mission-critical software that is tailored to meet the specific demands of the plant and processes. For this...
15 April 2021 | Blog

The Dangers of not renewing your software licenses

When you rely on mission-critical software that sits at the heart of your business, you demand the reassurance and peace of mind that comes from a support program...
15 March 2021 | Blog

Beyond predictive maintenance in mining

Asset failures are costly and stressful. This is particularly true for mining operations, where a single hour of downtime can result in millions of dollars of lost revenue.
12 March 2021 | Blog

AI Adoption by companies: what are the challenges and how to overcome them?

2021 will see Industrial AI emerging as a new and distinct category within the Operational Technologies Industry. This article will focus on the three spheres of operations...
12 March 2021 | Blog

Unlocking the Business Value of Industrial Data with AIoT

Capital-intensive industries are experiencing significant market forces, including economic pressures, sustainability initiatives and government regulations. Combine these...
23 February 2021 | Blog

Overcome Business Challenges with Industrial AI

In 2021 and beyond, Industrial AI, as a new industry category will go mainstream – catalysed by key business drivers, dimensions of readiness and adoption of real-world...

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