Using digital-twin simulation to de-bottleneck Letšeng processing plant

25 September 2021 | Case Studies
Gem Diamonds is a leading producer of high-value diamonds. The Group owns the Letšeng diamond mine, the highest achieving average US$ per carat kimberlite mine in the...

Making Accurate Future Decisions for a Stockpile and Train Loading Facility

19 August 2021 | Case Studies
This model focused on a large stockpile operations and train loading facility. It included the train arrivals, loading, slots, capacity evaluation and schedule optimisation.

Improving Cave Mine Production Performance through Rapid Simulation

08 July 2021 | Case Studies
Simulation Engineering Technologies, or SET, specialises in developing computer simulation models that can evaluate the production potential of a block cave mine. Block...

Helping Storage Reach Maximum Capacity for a Canadian Rail Company

06 July 2021 | Case Studies
This project was a complete mine-to-port logistical study which integrated mining, transportation and shipping systems to provide a holistic view of the intermodal systems.

Room and Pillar Mine Optimisation Model

05 July 2021 | Case Studies
An Anglo-American Platinum (Anglo)’s room and pillar platinum mine is in the process of designing two new declines. As part of this process a dynamic simulation model for...

Why Do We Simulate? – Improving Queueing Systems & Using Simulation as a Business Tool

15 June 2021 | Case Studies
Queuing forms a part of everyday life, whether it is waiting for a cashier at a grocery store, being placed on hold for the next available customer service representative...

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