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Let 4Sight Operational Technology provide you with a state-of-the-art Multivariate Analysis Software solution by AspenTech, that will help you to find the real underlying sources of variation in production processes. Make your production and process variables easier to analyse with Aspen ProMV- a leading solution for Multivariate Analysis needs.


What is Multivariate Analysis Software?

Multivariate Analysis is a process that involves the identifying of multiple dependent variables that result in a single outcome. Multivariate Analysis is used widely in many industries, and is an especially beneficial tool for production and manufacturing plants and processes. Multivariate Analysis Software helps plant management to determine the specific causes of variation in production processes, by drawing more accurate conclusions regarding variables that impact certain processes.

4Sight Operational Technology are proud suppliers of Multivariate Analysis Software by AspenTech. AspenTech have developed this state-of-the-art Multivariate Analysis Software, to form part of the complete Asset Performance Management offering. Aspen ProMV™ has been designed to Maximise the return on Asset Investment by effectively identifying the sources of variation in production processes.

Multivariate Analysis SoftwareHow will Multivariate Analysis Software improve your processes?

In most cases, variables in production processes are correlated, making it very difficult to determine the sources of variation. It is thus difficult to separate the cause from effect with traditional tools, when variables seem to move all at once - especially in process industries. Aspen ProMV™ provides a modern solution that is able to take into account the interrelated variables, and does not make the big mistake of assuming that the sources of variation are independent.

Aspen ProMV™ Multivariate Analysis Software converts the original set of input variables to a smaller set of latent variables. These latent variables are orthogonal pseudo-variables that are easier to analyse.

4Sight Operational Technology - Multivariate Analysis Software Supplier - Aspen ProMV™

Advance your digital transformation initiatives with Aspen ProMV™, an Asset Performance Management solution by a reliable Multivariate Analysis Software supplier in South Africa, that will give your production facility the competitive edge it requires.

Applications of Aspen ProMV™ include:

  • Quality deviation analysis
  • Unit yield analysis
  • Production capacity degradation analysis
  • Offline multivariate analysis

Advantages of Multivariate Analysis Software

Aspen ProMV™ Multivariate Analysis Software is an effective method when it comes to analysing big data. This specific tool for Multivariate Analysis provides exceptional depth of insight. The ability to explore multiple interrelated variables allows you to find patterns and correlations between dependent and independent variables helping to predict or achieve certain outcomes in processes.

As a trusted Multivariate Analysis Software supplier, our solutions will allow manufacturers and producers to model the effects of various processing steps and products, in order to identify quality risk factors. This will assist decision-makers before investing in new analytical equipment, processes or products.

The main goal of Multivariate Analysis Software by  is to provide users with early and accurate warnings regarding process health, which results in the prevention of degradation, the maintenance of efficiency and to rapidly optimise operation.

Seamless integration with other AspenTech Asset Performance Management software.

4Sight Operational Technology provides a complete solution for Asset Performance Management, that will help you to analyse and manage your assets effectively. Stay ahead with the times and give your production / manufacturing / mining company the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of competitors. Cut costs, improve the reliability of processes and improve overall efficiency with a professional Asset Performance Management Company and Multivariate Analysis Software Supplier in South Africa.

Let us guide you on your digital journey so that your business can enjoy the benefits of modern Asset Performance Management solutions like Aspen ProMV™.

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