Managing and caring for your company's assets plays a crucial role in the improvement reliability and availability of physical assets that are essential to the operation of the entire enterprise. Asset Performance Management in manufacturing and other industrial environments are directly focused on the improvement in the performance of machinery and processes, to maximise safety, sustainability and productivity by turning costly unplanned downtime into planned and scheduled downtime.

4Sight | Operational Technology, part of 4Sight's Operational Technologies cluster, is an experienced Asset Performance Management company, provide industry-leading solutions that combine machine learning with predictive analytics to anticipate issues before they occur. Let our professional and experienced team help your company exceed performance goals by managing your assets and performance levels by means of a modern and digital solution.

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A Digital Asset Performance Management Solution

Today, leading organisations are opting for digital solutions from Asset Performance Management companies, that will help them to increase their Return on Assets. This can especially be seen in competitive industries where the performance of assets directly impact business outputs, such as manufacturing, energy, mining industries and more.

The 4Sight | Operational Technology Solution:

4Sight | Operational Technology offer state-of-the-art software solutions from a leading name in Asset Performance Management - AspenTech.

  • Aspen Mtell® will allow you to solve problems easily and avoid unplanned downtime by providing early and accurate warnings of equipment failure and scheduled maintenance. Aspen Mtell® will help your machine perform better for longer, reduce overall and unplanned maintenance costs, and drive increased production.
  • Aspen Fidelis Reliability™ is a reliability management solution by AspenTech which has been specifically designed to take process flows into account. Aspen Fidelis Reliability™ will help you to perform life-cycle analyses on assets effectively, covering various factors that define operating conditions, reliability and costs of assets.
  • AspenProMV™ will visualise your data for easy interpretation, and aims to help you find the real underlying sources of variation in production processes, which plays a crucial part in a plant's Asset Performance Management efforts. This software system will help to stabilise quality, yield and productivity of processes and plants. A major benefit of AspenProMV™, is that it is specifically built for the process industries, and offers the following advantages:
    • Provides insights: The software allows a better understanding of the process variable relationships through the analysis of historical plant data. It gives a clear insight into how the process variables tend to move together in specific patterns and how this ultimately affects the product quality, yield and productivity.
    • Troubleshooting: The analysis of historical plant data also provides effective troubleshooting the root cause of process operating problems. By looking at contribution plots between good and bad modes of operation, it is easy to determine which physical variables significantly contribute to the shift.
    • Analysis: What sets AspenProMV apart from its competitors, is its ability to treat batch analysis extremely well, leveraging a powerful analysis tool for batch analysis.
  • Aspen Root Cause Analytics™ - Our Asset Performance Management solution includes the Aspen Root Cause Analyticssoftware solution which is focused on the prediction and avoidance of future problems, saving your plant unnecessary expenses.
  • Aspen Connect Family - Collect production data in real-time easily through Aspen Cloud Connect™ and Aspen Edge Connect™, IIoT technology-based software that allows for easy access to production data from any location.

Asset Performance Management Companies

Asset Performance Management Companies

Asset Performance Management Companies

What does Asset Performance Management entail?

Asset Performance Management in manufacturing, mining and other industrial environments involves the combined efforts to capture data, system integration, visualisation of processes and analytics for the clear purpose of improving the reliability, availability and performance of physical assets. Technology today is focused on offering more digital and visual ways to analyse and control processes, data, problem areas etc. in order for management to get a clear picture of the position of the company and state of things.

Modern solutions for Asset Performance Management allow companies to utilise data efficiently, and automate production processes to optimise performance an efficiency. Having a successful Asset Performance Management strategy is essential to gain competitive advantage in today’s digital world and highly competitive market. Get the team from 4Sight | Operational Technology onboard to design and implement an effective Asset Performance Management solution that will provide maximum results for your business.

Industries we serve

Asset Performance Management is a concept applicable to businesses in just about every industry. 4Sight | Operational Technology focuses on providing key solutions for companies in industrial environments, including specialised systems and solutions for the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Metals & Minerals
  • Chemicals
  • Oil & Gas, and more.

Use your Asset Performance Management to drive Digitalisation

The cross-over to digitalisation is steadily taking its course, and although it won't happen overnight, it is happening at a rapid pace. Despite Industry 4.0 and the IoT's rapid growth, many people have yet to reap its benefits. This is because businesses find it difficult to integrate new technologies and capabilities into their existing operating frameworks. This is where Asset Performance Management Companies come into play - guiding you on the digital transformation of your Asset Performance Optimisation systems and efforts.

The demand for resources, the level of infrastructure, and the needed expertise in the labour force are all undergoing great and quick changes in the global economy. Asset Performance Management (APM) creates a tremendous opportunity when it comes to enhancing digital productivity, sparking economic recovery as technology and innovation continue to transform the industry.

Asset Performance Management is a system that leverages big data and risk-based tactics in order to identify essential assets and areas for enhancement across all assets in order to minimise failures, cut down on production losses, and deal with subpar performance. The digitalisation of plants and factories link organisations to industrial internet solutions, to improve productivity across all disciplines. When transforming to digital strategies, an improvement will be seen in asset reliability, maintenance effectiveness and better optimized processes. Discuss your business needs with a leader among Asset Performance Management Companies - 4Sight | Operational Technology.

Improving Asset Performance with Prescriptive Maintenance Solutions

Enterprises face considerable difficulties regarding asset maintenance, a major component of Asset Performance Management, which can result in unwelcome downtime and higher expenditures. It is now possible to switch from a routine, planned maintenance programs, to a predictive maintenance strategy with the help of the latest insight-driven cutting-edge technology. Utilizing cutting-edge methodology and technologies, manufacturers can create and use a prescriptive maintenance solution that is IoT enabled.

Aspen Mtell® is a Prescriptive Maintenance Software solution proudly supplied by 4Sight | Operational Technology. Because it offers the earliest and most precise warning of equipment problems, this software solution will fundamentally change how preventative maintenance is conducted on your plant. The system also recommends specific steps to prevent or fix issues within plant processes. Read more about Aspen Mtell® Prescriptive Maintenance Software, or get in touch with 4Sight | Operational Technology - your partners in Asset Performance Management companies.

Asset Performance Management companies in South Afric

How Multivariate Analysis Software supports Asset Performance Management

The method of multivariate analysis entails locating numerous dependent factors that contribute to a single outcome. Numerous businesses make great use of multivariate analysis strategies, which is particularly useful for manufacturing and production processes and facilities. By reaching more precise conclusions about the variables that have an impact on specific processes, multivariate analysis software assists plant management in identifying the precise reasons of variance in production processes - all contributing to the success of your overall Asset Performance Management efforts.

Aspen ProMV™ is a leading Multivariate Analysis Software solution proudly offered by 4Sight | Operational Technology. This cutting-edge Multivariate Analysis Software was created by AspenTech as a component of their full Asset Performance Management package. Aspen ProMV™ will help to efficiently identify the causes of variation in production processes in order to maximize the return on asset investment. Read more about Aspen ProMV™ Multivariate Analysis Software offered by 4Sight | Operational Technology - leaders among Asset Performance Management companies in South Africa.


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